About Us

VEDA: Women’s Entrepreneurship Development for Agrotourism is an Erasmus+ KA2 Project that runs from November 2022 to October 2024.

The project VEDA is being developed to provide new educational opportunities to women across the EU to help them expand their existing knowledge and acquire new skills, to gain access to the contemporary labor market.
The project aims to provide alternative ways of learning to a broad range of women and help them develop their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to be benefited from opportunities for employability and entrepreneurship. The successful implementation of the project will form the basis for women’s integration into the European labor market and society at large and set a good example for other organizations and stakeholders across Europe to follow.


The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Contributing to the EU’s strategies for female entrepreneurship by offering the opportunity to a broad range of women to be
    involved and utilize their potential.

  • Promoting sustainable development and becoming part of developing a female green economy.

  • Developing innovative educational tools that will facilitate the development of new and innovative digital skills among
    females in Europe.

Outputs/ Results

The project VEDA aims to provide equal opportunities for learning and employability to women, through the utilisation of their existing skills and the development of new competences. The project will have the following results and outcomes:
1) Provision of an in-depth analysis of the current economy and female entrepreneurship strategies in Europe on a regional, national and local level: This analysis will be based on the collection of data from interviews and focus groups which will take place during the project. The objective is to map out the specific character of the current opportunities for female entrepreneurship in the contemporary European labour market, as well as the benefits of including women in current and future SMEs, in order to better address it through the provision of opportunities for learning and employability in the field of tourism.
2) Development and implementation of interactive learning material, which will include activities designed to help women improve their skills and capacities to enter the labour market. These skills include digital literacy, as well as ways of developing their own tourist business ideas, thinking about start-up companies, entrepreneurship skills etc.
3) Development of an online platform, which will work as a bridge between women and local SMEs, tourist businesses
stakeholders and organizations who offer opportunities for employment and/or entrepreneurship. This platform will also include the learning activities, as well as information about opportunities for the development of TTH in the EU.
4) Development of an interactive guidelines, which will summarise the activities and outcomes of the project and will be a comprehensive resource that will work towards the objective of building the professional capacity of practitioners in the field of green entrepreneurship.

Target groups


Unemployed females, female entrepreneurs


Stakeholders in the wider entrepreneurship area


VET providers and trainers, women’s associations