Module 4: Entrepreneurship

Learning Objectives

This course sets benchmarks for the module about Entrepreneurship.

It aims to teach participants about the challenges facing female entrepreneurs as they start new business and how to create a business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards using the skills and knowledge from networking, project, time, crisis and strategic management. We seek to encourage and empower women to advance and succeed with a set of actions.

At the end of the course participants will gain hands-on experience and acquire the necessary entrepreneurial skills to thrive personally and professionally. By the end of the course, learners will be equipped with the tools to be able to build mutually beneficial connections with other business people and potential clients or consumers and to create their own network of partners. Participants will have the basic project management knowledge to plan, execute, and monitor their own project to lead to greater success and growth of business. They will be ready to organise and plan how to divide their time between specific activities and priorities to take advantage of time management skills to increase their focus, build confidence, and allow them to be more productive. Participants will have necessary knowledge to build their business crisis plan, where they are able to determine what crises are most likely to affect their business and what the business impact will be. What is more, participants will gain skills in strategic planning and will be able to establish the direction of their small business with building a strategic plan considering their mission, vision, values, long-term goals as well as action plans.