Module 6: Self-empowerment

Learning Objectives

Self-empowerment refers to the techniques and strategies female entrepreneurs and individuals can follow to take control of their life, make proactive decisions, and cultivate a sense of personal organisation.

It requires to recognise and harness their strengths, construct self-assurance, set and pursue significant dreams, and actively take part in their very own growth and well-being.

Self-empowerment is a dynamic journey that involves self-awareness, resilience, free and positive mind-set, and a dedication to continuous gaining of knowledge and development.

This allows female entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and demanding situations, make choices aligned with their values, and lead fulfilling lives with the aid of embracing their own potentials and make their own destinies.

This course sets benchmarks for the module about self-empowerment for female entrepreneurs.

Self-empowerment refers to the technique of taking control of one’s lifestyles and making decisions that enhance character nicely-being and personal increase. It’s about developing the important abilities, expertise, and attitudes to achieve numerous regions of existence, together with relationships, profession, health, and private improvement. Self-empowerment involves spotting one’s own strengths, constructing self-self-assurance, setting realistic goals, taking duty for one’s choices, and growing fantastic and supportive environments that foster boom and improvement, all important for female entrepreneurship. It’s a technique that calls for self-cognizance, self-reflection, and a willingness to learn, adapt and develop. Ultimately, self-empowerment lets in individuals to guide pleasing and meaningful lives.

It goals to provide female entrepreneurs with the information, abilities, and equipment important to decorate their self-self-assurance, self-attention, private boom, and average well-being. The primary aim is to empower them to take manage in their lives, make knowledgeable selections, set and reap dreams, and triumph over challenges. It’s approximately growing the necessary talents, knowledge, and attitudes to succeed in diverse areas, which include relationships, profession, health, and private improvement.

In general, on the quilt of this course the female entrepreneurs may be able to recognize their personal strengths, constructing self-confidence, putting sensible goals, taking responsibility for their alternatives, and creating effective and supportive environments that foster boom and improvement, based on self-attention, self-reflection, and the willingness to learn, adapt, and grow, in an effort to in the long run, permit them to guide pleasurable and meaningful lives. More specifically, by the end of the training they will be able to:

  • have the knowledge and develop awareness regarding the meanings and elements of adaptability/resilience, decision making and problem solving, critical thinking, stress management and self-motivation
  • have competence and understanding in order to be able to understand why self-awareness, mindfulness and mental agility are so important for self-empowerment and how to find the strategies to achieve them, define threats and opportunities that hide in them and build the strategy to make decisions, monitor the outcome and make improvements, find the right strategies for one-self to adapt to challenges, be more resilient and achieve higher recovery speed after impacts (coping mechanisms), find the strategies to identify problems, make decisions, monitor them and take corrective actions, understand what stress is, find the right strategies to address it and develop coping mechanisms, identify the appropriate techniques to self-motivate
  • have the skills to harvest the benefits of increased self-awareness and social-awareness, clarity and realism – critical thinking, acceptance of self and everything around – humbleness, ability to self-support and self-improve / self-motivate, ability to set needed boundaries to one-self and others, adaptability and resilience in difficulties and change , ability to turn the negatives into positives, ability to manage stress and build coping mechanisms, balance between self – family – work – society, autonomy and independence, productivity and creativity, self-trust and confidence

This module will present 5 topics of self-empowerment:

  1. adaptability/resilience
  2. decision making and problem solving
  3. critical thinking
  4. stress management
  5. self-motivation
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