Topic 1 E-commerce platform selection


  1. Ask the right questions and try a free trial.
    • Prepare questions to make the best choice for your online store.
    • Connect with sales and support teams for answers, or test features with a free trial.
  1. Compare platform costs.
    • E-commerce platforms come with costs for hosting, checkout, payments, security, analytics, and more.
    • Each platform combines these services for your convenience.
  1. Choose a platform that suits your store’s design.
    • Your website’s design is crucial, as it’s the first impression for customers.
    • Look for themes or templates that are customizable and offer a good user experience.
  1. Evaluate store functionality and user-friendliness.
    • Your platform should be easy to navigate and set up, allowing you to focus on marketing without needing advanced technical skills.
  1. Consider scalability and customization.
    • As your business grows, your platform should support your changing needs.
    • Look for platforms with reliable APIs to customise and automate your store as it expands.