Topic 1 What is digital presence

The digital dimension of marketing and business has been gaining more and more relevance since the emergence of the Internet. Within this context, one of the elements that should be highlighted and defined is “digital presence”: understood as how a brand manifests itself on the Internet (choice of social networks, channels, chosen ads, etc.).

The digital presence is built through a set of actions, which make that although the brand does not want it, it has a presence on the internet. For example, through customer opinions or reviews. In current times, the alternative of being a company or brand without any presence on the internet becomes practically impossible given the circumstances of global digitization.

That is why promoting a digital presence from planning becomes a priority, closely related to marketing. This will consist of generating a strategy that shows the identity of your brand, that speaks to your consumers, that delivers something of value to their lives and that helps achieve the objectives of your organization.

Finally, some of the main benefits of following this planned strategy are:

  1. The Internet has no borders: strengthening your online presence will make it easier for you to reach more people and for your business to prosper by gaining interactivity with your customers.
  2. Your brand image will strengthen: the digital presence is one of the current necessary formats for any company within the framework of branding, generating, and contributing to your brand image will favor its differentiation from the competition.
Source: Freepik