Topic 2 Available tools to maximize digital presence

Different tools affect the digital presence in different areas. Some of them will be presented below with a brief description of their applicability and usefulness.

Tools to analyze data and your online visibility:

  1. Sistrix: offers data analysis services to improve the online presence of companies. It also seeks to increase visibility in major search engines such as Google. To this must be added that one of the main advantages it has is a large amount of information and data relevant to SEO (understood as search engine positioning) of the website.
  2. Ahrefs: is a tool to analyze the online visibility of links and SEO widely used among digital marketing professionals. You can track and measure site traffic, track your keywords and search engine positions, as well as analyze your competition.
  3. SimilarWeb: Provides information about website traffic. This tool is used by companies in the marketing realm to gain deeper insight into how their website works and how it attracts their visitors. It also allows analyzing the sources of traffic received by the website to assess the type of strategies to follow.

Tools applicable to social networks:

  1. To analyze the positioning of your profiles and be able to develop strategies about them: Google Analytics or Metricool.
  2. To be able to organize posts or publications we recommend the use of Meta (connecting Instagram and Facebook) as well as Google Calendar to organize publications over time.
  3. Concerning customer service, we recommend the use of Callbell which allows you to systematize contact with customers through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram among other applications.

Free tools you can access from Google:

  1. Google My Business: a platform for companies that seek to achieve greater visibility with which you can modify different information available online about your business (time, address, reviews, etc.).
  2. Google Sites: If your knowledge of programming is basic, with this tool you can create a website very easily. It allows users to publish various types of information (files, documents, presentations, etc.) on their website created according to their needs, and fully customizable with the characteristic elements of their brand.
Source: Freepik