Topic 2 Understanding and communicating the “why”

Communication allows you to convey your brand values to your audience, what you sell, and all the information related to your project. There are many examples, and Ikea is one of those that has been able to do this very well.

Scenario: IKEA

In 1996 it opened its first shop, in Barcelona. Spain had a tradition of expensive furniture that lasted a lifetime, and to introduce the brand in Spain they had to explain very well that their furniture was functional, with beautiful designs and more affordable prices, their main public, young people. Once the brand was introduced, and after a few years, they had to change their strategy to reach a wider audience. They changed the way they conveyed the brand when they realized that the world and people were changing, the world was becoming more and more unstable, and everything was changing more frequently, Ikea allied itself with its customers, understood their emotions, and devised its strategy to help them cope with life’s changes, slogans such as “redecorate your life“, featuring people facing life situations, for example, a boy announcing to his parents that he was gay, a girl telling her partner that she was separating, or another announcing her pregnancy. The public quickly connected. To this campaign was added “welcome to the independent republic of your home“, communicating doing what you want without giving explanations.

As an entrepreneur you will need to attract to sell, but the most important thing is to show your values. 

Get your brand to be loved by your audience. You can develop your own skills as a communicator, little by little you will learn how to better reach your customers. You can also count on a figure that defines the messages and the whole strategy, it will help you to communicate with creativity and assertiveness.

Over time, communication will change, but it is important that it remains constant, that it is not lost and that you invest in it. In the end it will define the personality of your brand.

Source: Freepik