Topic 3 Ways to Improve Time Management and Eisenhower Matrix

Tips to improve Time Management:

  1. Spend time planning and organizing
  2. Set Goals
  3. Use a to-do list
  4. Be flexible
  5. Consider your biological prime time
  6. Do the right thing right
  7. Eliminate the urgent
  8. Practice the art of intelligent neglect
  9. Avoid being a perfectionist
  10. Conquer procrastination
  11. Learn to say “No.”
  12. Reward yourself.

What is an Eisenhower Matrix?

An Eisenhower Matrix is a prioritization tool that helps you organize tasks by urgency and importance. It outlines specific actions to take depending on where a task falls within the quadrants of the priority matrix:

  • Urgent and important: Do
  • Urgent but not important: Delegate
  • Not urgent but important: Schedule
  • Not urgent and not important: Delete

When your to-do list feels overwhelming, the Eisenhower Matrix shows you which tasks to work on first – plus how to divide and conquer everything else.

Source: An article about Eisenhower matrix: Eisenhower matrix template │asana