Activity Topic 4


After developing a solid understanding of the different types of leadership styles, determine which one feels most authentic to you by asking yourself these questions:

Before replying each question, take into consideration the vision, needs and goals of your business or the business that you aspire to establish.

  • What do I value more – goals or professional relationships?
  • What kind of a leader would I like to be?
  • Do I believe in total control/structure or freedom of choice?
  • Would I rather make a decision on my own or collectively with a team?
  • Do I focus on short- or long-term goals?
  • Does motivation derive from empowerment or direction?
  • What does a healthy team dynamic look like to me? There is no right or wrong answer to these queries; many individuals find their leadership style through trial and error.

Activity: Visionary Leader Interview Role-playing and Discussion (30 minutes)

Participants will act as visionary leaders in a simulated interview setting by getting into pairs of 2. One acts as the interviewer and the other as an aspiring visionary leader. The interviewer should ask questions about the leader’s vision, how they inspire their team, and their long-term goals. The visionary leader should envision and communicate a bold, future-oriented idea or project. Some possible questions to ask during this activity:

  • Can you describe your vision for the future of our organization or project?
  • How do you communicate your vision to your team or stakeholders?
  • What strategies do you use to inspire and motivate your team to work towards the shared vision?
  • Can you share an example of a specific challenge you faced in realizing your vision? How did you overcome this challenge?
  • What long-term goals have you set to align with your vision?
  • How do you foster creativity and innovation within your team to support the vision? After the completion of the interview, participants engage in discussion. Emphasize the importance of visionary leadership in driving innovation and growth.

Activity: Control the narrative! Group Activity (30 minutes)

Present participants with a range of agritourism-related situational scenarios, such as extreme weather events, changes in customer preferences, or supply chain disruptions. Get participants into small groups and ask them to discuss and develop strategies for addressing each scenario.

They should consider mitigation, adaptation, and recovery strategies. Each group presents their scenario planning and strategies to the other groups for feedback and discussion. Follow up with a reflective discussion of the solutions and challenges participants faced during the activity.

Source: Canva