Topic 4 A specific look: female initiatives in digital marketing

Initiatives What is it? How do they do it?

Women in Digital Marketing:

This is a global movement that seeks to connect, support and empower women in the digital marketing industry.

They can host conferences, networking events, and provide online resources for women looking to advance their careers in digital marketing.


Created by Facebook, SheMeansBusiness is an initiative that aims to support women entrepreneurs and businesswomen through training and resources.

They offer local workshops and events for women entrepreneurs in digital marketing, providing practical skills and knowledge.

Women in SEO:

This initiative focuses on the specific field of search engine optimization (SEO) and seeks to highlight and support professional women in this field.

They can host webinars, provide mentoring, and SEO-specific resources for women looking to advance in this area.

Digital Branded Content Network:

A network that connects creative women, strategists and digital marketing professionals to collaborate on the creation of branded content.

Through this network, women can work together on digital campaigns, sharing knowledge and experiences to strengthen their presence in the industry.