Activity Topic 3


Max and Simon were working in the same team. One day, they were asked to collaborate on a project assigned to them from their superior. Max likes structure in his work and he sets strict deadlines to himself to be able to perform effectively. On the other hand, Simon works in a more flexible way. When Max tried to set deadlines to Simon and execute the project in a particular way, a conflict between the two occurred.

Q1: What are the steps need to be followed to resolve the conflict between Max and Simon?

Q2: What is the cause of their conflict?

Q3: Which strategy/ strategies can resolve the conflict effectively and achieve the desire outcome?

Q1: In order to resolve the conflict between Max and Simon the following steps need to be followed:

  • STEP 1
    Identify the cause of the conflict – Different working styles between Max and Simon that resulted into a conflict.
  • STEP 2
    Choose the best strategy to deal with the conflict according to our desire outcome.

Q2: In this scenario, both parties have a common goal (to complete the project successfully), but the source of their conflict lies on the difference in their working styles.

Q3: To resolve this conflict and allow them to work together efficiently, Max and Simon can follow two approaches:

  • Firstly, through the collaborative approach Max and Simon can try to resolve their conflict through communication and try to find an integrative solution that will allow them to achieve their common goal and avoid any damage to their relationship too. Through this approach, the problem is most likely to be resolved and both parties will feel satisfied.
  • A compromise between the two might be another option, but the goal here is to find a mutually acceptable solution that partially satisfies both parties. Similarly with the collaborative approach, it addresses the issue but does not explore it in as much depth as collaborating. Hence, in this case Max and Simon will complete the project but in the end is likely that no one will be really satisfied and no improvement will be made in their future relationship.